FLORES ISLAND – The island is a cacophony of smells, swinging between coffee roasting in the hills, clove cigarettes, exhaust fumes and the unmistakable scent of the ocea, exotic beaches and friendly people, there’s no place on earth with more to offer. In the west, Labuan Bajo is a booming tourist town combining tropical beauty with nearby attractions such as Komodo National Parkand , superb dive spots and white-sand islands.The east is attracting an ever-greater number of travellers chasing smouldering volcanoes, emerald rice terraces, prehistoric riddles, exotic cultures, hot springs and hidden beaches. Away from the port towns most people are nominally Catholic. Many more are part of cultures dating back centuries, living in traditional villages seemingly unchanged in millennia. Check out our carefully designed range of exhilarating adventures across each top sights destination of flores island showcasing the very best of each destination.

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