Location        : Komodo National Park, Flores Sland

Duration         : 4 Nights 5 Days

Availliable     : Availliable 10 Person

Transportation   : By Wooden Cabin Boat

Starting Point : From Labuan Bajo Or Komodo Airpor

Price               : Inquiry By Email

Based On Individual Private Tour, Min. 2 Person In Private Boat Charter

This program we provide for  who always longing for a life by the sea, taking 5 days cruise is just a perfect experience. For almost a week, you will sail from island to island, hopping from beach to beach, and just relish what nature has to offer. Having a week to spare means you can explore every nook and cranny of the archipelago and have a pleasure to visit hidden spot not many people know about. Stop anywhere as you please and experience the whole beauty of these islands.

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Our excursion begins at Labuan Bajo,This is a great point for your Flores exploration!If you have much time before the scheduled time of your  five Komodo island cruise  , take a mini-expedition to one of Labuan Bajo’s awesome waterfalls—the CuncaWulang and Cunca Rami, where you can enjoy swimming and canyoning before sailing off the shore. CuncaWulang is especially gorgeous as the water streams from the canyon, entering a gorge where you can jump into the clear water and take a great shot of it, Take a little trek down to Rangko Cave and swim at the ridiculously clear, secret swimming hole inside the cave and flores local living countryside of Manggarai local people which historical sight to local tradition. All of that are your chance  before being marooned for five days ahead. Meanwhile, as you have plenty of time to spend, so why don’t we use it to explore this beautiful little port town?

Day 1 Labuan bajo – Sebayur Island – SiabaBesar

Which beach will we land first? That’s the question. With almost a week of sailing, you have the chance to check every island on the archipelago off the list. Maybe you can start your journey with a small island with captivating beauty, both in the land and below, such as Sebayur island.A great place for a starter, Sebayur is blessed with undulating hills of brownish-yellow grass, providing a pleasing contrast with the surrounding ocean. If you are a licensed diver, don’t miss the chance to dive in Sebayur—diving is Sebayur’s main attraction, anyway! A number of world-renown diving sites lie just a few hundreds of meters off the shore, such as the famous BatuBolong, Crystal Rock, and Castle Rock. The surrounding marine life is spectacular with sloping reef, coral walls, colorful sea critters, and schools of many kinds of fishes. It’s almost like a diving in clear aquarium. Past the beautiful coral plateau, the water is a heaven for pelagic hunters, turtle galore, micro diving, and occasional passing Mantas.If you wish, you can spend your first afternoon in here. The island is famous as one of the best spot in Flores to enjoy the most beautiful sunset ever. Sits on the idyllic hills and watch the sky change into pastel colors, before heading back to the cruise and prepare for tomorrow’s adventure.

Passing to the neighboring SiabaBesar is highly recommended if diving is your thing. It’s one ofhighly popular easy dive, where you can spot pelagic, stingrays, and even dugongs. The site is also a favorite night dive among divers. You can always opt for another island to explore if you prefer to stick with land, grass, and beaches. There are more islands in Flores than what you see in the itinerary samples, such as Bidadari, Seraya, Kanawa, or Monkey island which each have its distinct beauty.

Day 2  GiliLawaDarat – Manta Point –Long Beach

The next day, another adventure awaits. Start the day with something fresh, and docking to GiliLawaDarat is on our suggestion. n fact, the island is one of the greatest places to catch a wonderful sunrise. Take a little tracking to the hills and enjoy an almost magical scenery when the sunrise from the horizon, slowly reveals the ocean and the bumpy hills of the archipelago from the darkness of the night. During January to May, you will be greeted with lush green grass covering the rolling hills, and the grass turns crisp and yellow during the dry season—turning the island into beautiful savannah.

An afternoon in the cruise clearly calls for a dip in the clear water, and it will be a great loss to miss a chance to meet the Manta. The Manta Point in Komodo National Park waters is the best place to see these intelligent creatures, as the water is rich with plankton – a delight for the Manta Rays. The Mantas are often traveling in a group and are present almost all year round. Lucky divers can even spend solid 30 minutes of interaction with the Mantas as long as the condition is right.

Day 3Padar Island – Pink Beach

After spending first two days with water activities, your third day of excursion should be something fun. Why not visit the famous Padar Island today? A trek to this island is one of the most essential things to do during a Komodo cruise package, something you don’t want to miss. As the hills lack of shady trees, it’s best to take a sunrise track early in the morning while the air is still cooler.Reach the hilltop where you can catch a spectacular sunrise, and you will understand why radar Island steals thousand hearts of wanderer. Once you have finished exploring the magnificent surrounding, make your way down to Padar’s remarkable multicolor beaches, particularly the pink one. It’s time to chill.

Since you are visiting the pink beach of Padar, let’s just spent the whole day indulging in the blushing beaches? Lucky you, Hello Flores can take you to another pink beach in the tip of Komodo National Park, hidden from other groups of travelers. Get into your snorkeling gear and you will see that the pink beach trails down beautifully to the sea bottom, blushing with the same hue.Sunbathing in the pink sand while watching the contrasting blue ocean truly feels like a world away from everything. Sadly, it will come the time to leave this lovely beach, and it’s time for the next journey.

Day 4 Rinca Island – Kalong  Island

The fourth day of adventure will be perfect to visit the limelight of Komodo National Park, and that means the Komodo Dragons themselves! Sail to Rinca, home of the biggest lizard on earth. A visit to this daunting creature can only be compared by a thrilling stop to massive bat cave, the Kalong island. They are sleeping soundly during the day and you can watch them safely from the boat, but the real deal happens at dusk. Thousands of bats fly when the sky is turning into velvety tangerine, scattered and start preying their food in the neighboring islands. This is your last night on the cruise, and surely this will be a view you could never forget.

Day 5 Kalong Island  -Kelor island -Labuan Bajo

The last day of the excursion is perfect for a sleepy pleasure before heading back to the port town. After so many adventures, having a last authentic vibe of Flores will be a foolproof closure, indeed. One last trek to the hills and you are set to grab the wonderful panoramic view of Flores, Rinca, and other islands you have visited. relax in the white sand beaches before ending your Flores Komodo tours for good.

Noted :Please note that the itineraries may change at any time by the management of the boats due to among others; local condition, weather, strong current, windy and any unforeseen reason for the safety of passengers and the boat crew.






·   Return airport Transfer from hotel/boat in Labuan Bajo

·   Dailly Meals on stay boat (BLD) (Without breakfast and Dinner If stay In Hotel )

·   English speaking guide

·   Private Fan cabin boat or AC Cabin Boat

·   Tea and coffee on the boat

·   Entrance fees

·   Ranger fee

·   Camera Fee

·   Snorkeling equipment

·   Bottled mineral water

·   Travel insurance (compulsory requirement)

·   Alcoholic & soft drinks

·   Personal needs

·   Tipping

·   Drone Fee



·   Small size luggage (backpack / overnight bag)

·   Towel

·   Extra money

·   Sun cream

·   Hat

·   Trekking shoes

·   Sun glasses

·   Personal needs



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