Location        : Labuanbajo , West Of Manggarai

Duration       : 5-6 Sailling Trip

Availliable     : Availliable 1-10  Person

Transportation   : AC car

Starting Point : From Your Hotel Or Komodo Airport

Ending Point   : Your Hotelor Komodo Airport

Price                 : By Email

Based On Individual Private Tour, Min. 2 Person In Private Class

Any Other Special  Requests Please Contact Us  .Book Now !

Private guided season morning yoga overlooking the  ocean view is indeed spectacular and a memorable experience for life. Experience with tradition of yoga followed by a ocean breathing is perfect for maintaining physical and mental well-being. Yoga enthusiasts can calm the mind with a session of yoga with ocean view, an outdoor yoga pavilion with breathtaking views of the pristine surroundings. Actually yoga experience usually combine with kind of spa treatment to make your body relax after full of activities holiday.

Yoga Experience Offer

  • Private Yoga Only
  • Yoga and spa Experience

Yoga Experience Inclusion 

  • Yoga Instructor
  • Private Yoga 1 hour session
  • Yoga Matt, Refreshment
  • 60 minutes spa treatment
  • Return pick up and drop transfer


  • Class duration is 60 minutes, with a non-mentioned 15 minutes possible extension
  • All classes are suitable for beginners, intermediar and advanced practitioners.


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